If you are going to go out and want to have a few drinks then follow our checklist for a fun, yet safe, night out.


The best night out checklist

  • Look out for friends and make sure they look out for you.

  • Know how you're getting home - keep the number of a reliable taxi company in your purse or phone, have a bus/train timetable or arrange for someone to pick you up.

  • Have enough money for the fare home, put it somewhere separate so you don't accidentally spend it.

  • If you do have to go home seperately, make sure that you let friends know when you're back safely - a text for example.

  • Eat before you go out, something substantial that will stop you getting drunk with the first drink.

  • Drink water, it will make you feel better the next morning and it's good for the skin.

  • Have the occasional soft drink. They're cheaper, they look the same as an alcoholic drink, but it might just stop you getting too drunk.

  • Watch out for those beer goggles - they look gorgeous now, but will they look the same tomorrow morning?

  • Beware of drink spiking - don't accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drink.

  • If you are sexually active then carry a condom and use it carefully.

Worst case scenario

If something does go wrong then make sure you know what to do by reading our Worst-case scenario page.