While drinking can make other people appear suddenly more attractive, it's doing nothing for your own looks. So, if you're getting ready to go out, don't forget the following:

Wear black to slim you

If you drink a lot you can expect to put on weight. It's not just the calories in your drink, alcohol affects your appetite too. That's why you're more likely to end up eating chips at the end of the evening.

Take a pot of expensive moisturiser

Alcohol dehydrates you, which is why you have to go to the toilet more. All that fluid is leading to dry skin. If that's not bad enough, because alcohol increases the blood flow to the skin you can get broken veins. Especially around the nose and cheeks.

Sparkling eye drops

Too much alcohol can cause the small blood vessels in your eyes to swell giving you the bloodshot look.

Chewing gum and deodorant

Although the liver gets rid of most alcohol, a small amount is excreted straight through the breath and sweat.

Cover up, extra clothing, bandages

Drinking will cause you to lose your balance, bumping into things and so you are likely to end up covered in bruises. It can also make you aggressive and more likely to end up in a fight, so you could have some scars to try and hide.

Of course you could just drink a bit less…