Freya goes to a party after having a few drinks at home to 'warm up'.

She doesn't bother eating before she goes. As soon as she arrives she gets stuck into a homemade punch - it tastes horrible, but makes her feel confident. She's chatty and having a good laugh with her friends.



The first drinks have affected her judgement, Freya's friends are now having trouble talking to her. She's saying things without thinking, stopping mid-conversation and disappearing or trying to drag you onto the dance floor.



After a few more drinks things change, Freya is having trouble understanding and remembering things so conversation with her is even harder. Her reactions are slow and she's bumping into people. All her movements are uncoordinated and when she tries to dance she keeps losing her balance. She's having trouble recognising people, and her vision is all blurry.



Freya has stopped drinking, but she's getting drunker as the last few drinks are absorbed into her body. She's sleepy and confused and unsure as to where she is or what she's doing. Freya is really emotional and doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. Her vision has got worse and she's slurring her words so badly no one can understand her. She's so unsteady on her feet that she's just standing against a wall trying to stay upright.



Freya feels terrible, the room is spinning and she feels sick. She's not sure what time it is as she keeps falling asleep.



Freya is now totally unconscious. She feels cooler than normal; her breathing has slowed and is shallower than normal. Her friends give up trying to wake her and call an ambulance.

When it arrives they tell them they did the right thing. She has poisoned herself by drinking too much alcohol and is taken to hospital.