Unfortunately, not everyone will follow our tips for a safe night. It's easy to get carried away at a party and forget how much you've had.

If someone gets themselves into trouble it's worth knowing what to do. Problems can range from someone being sick and upset to coma. Make sure you know what to do in any situation.


If someone is sick

  • Make sure that they get home safely.

  • Once home make sure they lie on their side in case they are throw up while they sleep.

  • If they are very sick they may need someone to keep an eye on them through the night.

If someone passes out

  • Try to wake them by shouting and pinching them.

  • If that doesn't work roll them onto their side, making sure that their head is turned to the side.

  • Try to keep them warm and loosen any tight clothing that might be restricting their breathing.

  • If their breathing is shallow and they feel cold and clammy then call 999 immediately and wait with them until the ambulance arrives.

  • If they stop breathing they will need mouth to mouth resuscitation - if you aren't comfortable doing that, try to find someone who is.

If you have any doubts about what to do, call NHS Direct for free, confidential advice on 0845 4647.