Alcohol can affect our mood, making us feel happy, sad or angry. We may behave unusually, offend our friends or even put ourselves in danger.

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Alcohol can make most people feel more relaxed and talkative. Many people will have a drink to loosen up and unwind after a tough day. However, these positive effects are only seen when you drink small amounts.



Alcohol is a depressant. After the initial happy experience, or after large amounts to drink, people often get depressed and/or very upset.



Your mood before you start drinking can affect your behaviour. If you are already feeling low or angry, alcohol can make it worse. It can lead you to act violently and aggressively, getting you into trouble.



Alcohol affects your short-term memory. It can prevent you remembering facts - so you may experience 'black-outs'.



Too much alcohol affects your judgement and everyone around you can appear more attractive. In this state you may do something you will regret the next morning when those 'beer goggles' wear off. You may also put yourself in danger as you are more at risk from assault, rape and theft.



Alcohol is a sedative - it makes you feel sleepy. But when the alcohol wears off the opposite occurs and you can have trouble sleeping. Too much alcohol, too quickly can make you pass out.